The Missionaries of Divine Compassion include a Convent with Religious Sisters and a  dispersed community of Secular Franciscans and oblates.  The Religious Sisters are vowed to poverty, (celibate) chastity and obedience, live in common, share all property in common and have a common life of prayer, service and recreation.  We are seeking to grow the Convent in the United States and to help local Sisters form successful, financially self-sufficient Convents in mission lands.  The oblates are a dispersed community similar to a Secular Institute, but connected to the convent.

      Sr. Claire Marie, OSF served as an international formation director for a large, international Roman Catholic religious order and Sr. Sarah, OSF was trained to form religious sisters by Fr. John Hardon, a member of the Vatican's organization to govern religious life and shaped residentially in several religious houses. The goal of the two Sisters is to provide the highest possible quality of formation, for religious life, for leadership, for financial self-sufficiency, and for ministry so that a very healthy, stable, holy and effective in ministry religious order and related Secular Franciscan tertiaries will grow up. It is our goal to grow the motherhouse community and, also, to then send missionaries back to their home countries to establish their own formation programs.

     These Sisters will be teachers, nurses, farmers, child and senior care specialists, evangelists and catechists, women who work ordinary jobs, pray effectually from holy lives, support one another throughout their lives in residential communities, and spread the orthodox Christian faith through lives consecrated entirely to Christ and His Church by the vow of consecrated celibacy.

     An international religious order, formed according to the norms of Catholic canon law, but grounded in pure Biblical/orthodox faith, is taking shape. We welcome Christian men and women from every denomination and every walk of life, and we are affiliated with an Anglican Church.

     Our missionary charism of relational evangelization is accomplished through many ways to service, living out the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.

Both our vowed celibate Sisters and oblates and our Secular Franciscans follow a Rule of Life and live out Franciscan spirituality, assist each other in mission, and form a common community with a common life of fellowship, prayer and spiritual assistance. To support our Secular Franciscans, we use local community meetings and zoom meetings to stay connected, as well as an annual community wide gathering..m Members of our family strive to create a nurturing Christian community that is enjoyable to be part of and a real practical, emotional and spiritual support to sustain us joyfully in ministry and prayer.

     Secular Franciscans may be married or single, live in their own homes, and own property. Their Rule of prayer, while significant, may not be as intense as that of the consecrated Religious Sisters. They seek spiritual mentoring and support from the Sisters and from one another, offer their lives to glorify God by growing in holiness through becoming sanctified, and in prayer and service to draw others to Jesus and to His sacraments. As a vital part of our Franciscan family, they aim to make the religious life better known and assist the Sisters in their life and apostolate.

     We are presently mentoring a young man interested in the religious life and would be willing to provide religious formation and welcome friars (Franciscan monks) into our community.

     Our Companions are young people ages 12-21 who live the prayer book disciplines of Christian life, participate in the youth and Christian education opportunities of their parish, enjoy regular spiritual direction and come together in fellowship with the Sisters and Secular Franciscans and each other.

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