Sr. Judy Nielsen

Formation Director, Secular Franciscans

Sister Judy Nielsen is a life professed Franciscan Oblate whose mission is spiritual direction and formation focusing on prayer, meditation, building community and personal accountability as well as serving the recovery community. Her life time profession vows were professed under the religious name Sister Teresa Margaret in 2001 she is known best as“Sister Judy”. She is the author of "Spiritual Direction and the Journey of the Soul" along with other articles published on living life in company with God. As with most Oblates, Sister Judy fulfilled a business career in her field of sales management and finance along with her religious duties for many years which give her the unique understanding of the challenges of living family life, keeping up with business and staying balanced in your personal relationship with God. She retired in 2009 to devote full time to her mission of Spiritual Direction. As a Franciscan, Sister Judy has provided spiritual direction to many who seek a better understanding of the presence and work of God in their everyday life working through challenges, dreams and failures. Directions includes discernment as others seek the reflection of God's work in their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Years of experience & mentorship provide the foundation for those in discernment to a religious call, renewal to ministry as Deacons, Priests, Ministers, Sisters or Brothers to the Third Order religious life or just working through God is in the balancing of life, work and family.

Fr. Richard and Sr. Joy Jones

Br. Eric Bradley

Eric is a husband and father of a young family who is drawn to a life of prayer and service. He works full time as an educator, a substantial part of his time invested with academically at risk young adults. Beyond his family and work responsibilities, he serves in a prison ministry, on two boards related to Christian education, and is a regular blood donor.

Fr. Michael Hinton

Fr. Michael Hinton is church planting Christ Anglican Church and writing Christian Education material for children.